Have you looked at my imagery and wondered what the designs are about- where they come from and what they mean? Curious about crop circles, sacred geometry, chaos and fractals and how those fit into my art? Or what they might mean to you? Wondered how I make the designs so perfectly? Have a desire to doodle in the sand with one of my rakes and play with design potentials? Curious about what the process of making the artwork can offer you on deeper levels? Great- then you'll love my Group Art Gatherings ! Connect with me and let's figure out something that would meet your desires.

These are the general categories of gatherings I do.

Playa Paintings 101 covers the development and evolution of the beach art, from the beginning to the current day. We'll explore fascinating topics such as fractals, forms in nature, and crop circles, among many others. We'll also go into technique and then work on a group artwork.

Geometric Art goes into the power of geometry to focus the mind and create perfection at the large-scale. I'll demonstrate my techniques for creating perfect circles and how those in turn allow for the creation of enormous designs. The last part is the opportunity to create designs yourself!

Spontaneous Creation goes into the more personal aspect of creating art. In this workshop we focus on activities that get you connected to the rake, the beach, and to your own spontaneous flow. This gathering is more introspective and grounding then the others, facilitating one's own creative expression, free from the bounds of form and preconception.

Meditational/Prayer Artwork is the more intentional and reverential side of my group large-scale art-making. It is a walking prayer, an opportunity to simultaneously focus and release our thoughts, feelings, and desires as we create an artwork together.

Transitional Art Gathering is an opportunity to honor and hold in our hearts whoever or whatever is no longer in our lives while celebrating life through creating beauty together. Public Participation Day Come create an artwork with me! Free and open to all. It is a magical experience to see the process unfold- even more magical to be inside the design creating it!

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