Spontaneous Creations is the freeform art class designed to liberate us from preconception and form. After intro activities we'll create a large-scale artwork together.

Check the Coming Events page to see scheduled events.

The beach is an amazing canvas for creative expression. And the rake is a tool that uses the whole body. Its a perfect combination for spontaneous, body-centered, free form exploration.

Here's the general flow of the gathering:
- Start with some Chi-Gong style breathing and movement activities and a brief meditation
- We'll jump right in with different activities to get us connected to the tool and the medium
- Do a series of activities that get us connected to intuitive creation
- Talk about and then work on a group artwork
- Take some aerial group photos of our creation! I hope you can join us. Its a magical to experience the creative flow moving through your body while being barefoot on the beach.

Note: Physical condition notice- moderate physical capacity needed for raking as well as getting to the from the beach location.

Questions? Use the 'Contact' tab above. Thanks! :-)

Team Bonding Artwork, 2014
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