Public Participation Day

I invite you to join me in creating an artwork. All are welcome!

What to expect: Generally speaking these are lighter duty designs that are meant to be accessible to all participants. It is structured as 'drop in' style and meant to take perhaps 20-30 minutes to complete one's contribution. This allows me to accomodate many more participants than the tools I may have available.

Feel free to bring your rake (leaf rakes work better than gravel rakes), and feel free to share :-) 

Public Demonstration

I invite you to watch an artwork unfold.

Generally speaking, here is what to expect: For the first hour I am generally getting the canvas ready- marking guidelines, positioning elements. During this time there might be so much visible from a distance. For the next hour following this process the design begins to become apparent as it quickly builds out. While each artwork has different working approaches, just giving a heads up that it may be a moment before the work is visible. As long as I am on the beach rest assured that the work is in motion.

It may be that I am able to bring in onlookers to give me assistance. Feel free to let me know that you are interested, and if an opportunity arises, I will let you know.

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