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What am I doing?

I call myself an Earthscape artist- I am using natural materials to engage the landscape. 

In my beach mural exploration (aka: playa paintings, beach art) I use a rake to etch designs onto the beach during the low tide. Raking exposes the wetter sand, causing a color difference between the raked and unraked sand.

How do I get it so perfect?

For the geometric designs I use a rope as a compass. the rest is geometry in action- and its perfection is a thing of beauty to participate in. For the organic designs, the pattern is 'grown' using principles of growth. For them, perfection is a state of such complete integration that the entire artwork seems to 'exist' as its own entity. The best unintended compliments I have received were from folks thinking a  pattern was  naturally occurring.

Why do I do it?

The unanswerable question!

- It's fun. I get to be at the beach, usually barefoot in the sand.

- I enjoy wowing people with the creations, of bringing wonder and beauty into the world. Their   erasure is a constant reminder to engage and appreciate the present as it is happening.

- There is an esoteric fractal quality of being within the pattern that is being made- it feels to have relevance in other aspects of my life, of building a larger pattern from the inside, sometimes not fully knowing what is resulting.

- Connecting to the ephemerality of all things.

How big is it?

I have never officially measured my pieces. But judging from the size of people in them, they can go up to 300' or larger (90,000 sqft.). Generally, I go as large as possible given tide and beach constraints. How long does it take? I usually give myself about 2 hours of working in the space of the low tide.

How do I feel about it washing away?

I can be a stickler for getting something the way I think I want it- which is more goal-focused. But ultimately, when it is finished, I let it go. For me the energy and draw is around the act of creation. Even on days when everything goes wrong and there's no way a 'finished' piece can result (rogue waves wash away a huge section prematurely, discovering the sand has washed away leaving only pebbles, a parade of dog walkers shows up (yes all these have happened!)) I still appreciate the act of being at the beach doing the art. 

Where do I do it?

I have done my work in many countries around the world though of my work is in Northern California.

Am I for hire?

I am indeed. Connect with me here. Or just drop me a note.

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~Andres 4/11/19

Serpent IV
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