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I occasionally conduct special programs.

Currently I am offering:

Living Altars: a 6 week program meeting via Zoom in which you create an altar based on a process of introspection, creativity, and intuition. Click the link to learn more.

- Spirit Altars: If you have recently (or perhaps not so recently) lost a loved one, this program is designed to help you work with the grief through creating a memorial altar that honors the  wholeness of the spirit you have lost. 

I can facilitate a whole range of workshop topics. Here are a few. Follow this link to learn more about them:

- Playa Paintings 101

- Geometric Art

- Spontaneous Creation

- Meditational/Prayer Artwork

- Transitions/Memorials

- Celebrations

- Birthdays/Anniversaries

My team arts business conducts monthly public workshops by donation. 

- Gift certificates available

- Children welcome. Please see this page on bringing children.

Have a work team that could benefit from creative connecting? Check out our site  to learn more about how we can serve your team.

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