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  • Mandala III- Earthscape Group Artwork
    Here is the result of a recent Playa Painting workshop done in Cape Cod.

  • Tattoo'ing the Beach- a New Zealand journey photo essay
    In the far north of New Zealand I had my much desired opportunity to collaborate with a local traditional artist, an experience which became a defining moment on the journey and has fueled our desire to return to NZ in earnest.

    Read the rest of the post at Capturinng Impermanence
  • Interview with

    1. What are the three words that can best describe your art?
    Ephemeral, Largescale, nature-based (that counts as one word, yeah? :-)
    2. What is your mission in art?
    My mission is to find satisfying outlets of creative expression for my inquisitive explorations into life and the experience of living it while 
    uplifting, inspiring, and opening the viewer.

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  • Evolution of an Artwork
    Capturing Impermanence: Evolution of an Artwork: This entry is about the evolution of one of my artworks and is posted on the Capturing Impermanence site. Follow this link to see the entire post.

  • Glyphs at Karekare
    [Here is a start of a post on Capturing Impermanence site- go here for the full story]

    The Capturing Impermanence crew has been in New Zealand for about one and a half amazing months. It is truly the land of beauty, with spectacular landscapes at every turn. The first beach we visited was Karekare in the northwest.

  • In New Zealand!
    I am quite late in updating my page to share my latest journey- through the magnificent country of New Zealand. Check out my Facebook page to be up with the latest. Here is a recent artwork that has quite unexpectedly gotten national attention. It is a collaboration with Maori ta moko (traditional Maori tattoo) artist Lloyd James Morgan who supplied the design.

  • "Gratitude" Earthscape Painting
    This work was commissioned by GT's Synergy Kombucha in celebration of 20 years of making their kombuchas. After I made this piece we invited the pubic to rake their own flowers. An amazing day!

    Photo by Jonathan Clark

    Here is a video made by Jonathan Clark

  • 'Capturing Impermanence' Calendar
    Holiday Sale! order 2 or more calendars and save 25%.
    Use coupon code 'Calendar' at checkout.

    This is a 12"x12" calendar containing 12 beautiful photos that tell the story of the evolution of my artwork from when it began 10 years ago to where it is today. This is the most economical way to have twelve 8"x12" images on your walls. It is a date-less calendar, only containing a weekday grid. Thus it can work for any year. See here for a gallery of the images in the calendar.

  • Between Worlds Book Available!
    "Between Worlds" is the coming together of two creators- artist Andres Amador and photographer Jason Henthorne- using two different mediums and two vastly different relationships with time, coming together in one singular vision. The book follows the Between Worlds project, showing behind the scenes with photos and stories, and contains the final images that are part of the fine art collection and touring exhibit. Order yours here.

  • Recently returned from my San Diego tour
    I just got home from a week in San Diego leading workshops and making art on the beach. I am feeling beat as it was a fuuulll schedule. But I was always around friends and supporters and that felt good.

    Here's a run down of the artworks made...

    On the first day I invited the public to participate and here is one slice of a long stretch of beach:

    That evening I made an appearance at the gallery reception of my artwork at Bliss 101 in Encinitas. If you are in the San Diego area, check out my prints which are really well done!

    On the next day I led a group memorial for which I led the meditation artwork workshop and together we created this:

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