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  • Fri, 07 Dec 2018 20:55:00 +0000

    Professional Development with Mountain View Schools
    Professional Development Day for Teachers

    This past month I was invited to share perspectives and techniques in my style of art to 5 and under instructors from Mountain View Schools. During my site visit I was inspired with the layout of the school- numerous zones with different features- trees and grass and sand amidst the concrete jungle of Mountain View. I began visualizing my session.

  • Thu, 06 Dec 2018 20:13:00 +0000

    Offset Dislocation
    This concept comes from the book The Self-Made Tapestry by Philip Ball, which I speak about in this post.

    Offset Disclocation as a concept arose in the section of the book that looks at how markings occur in on biological bodies. This includes phenomenon such as zebra stripes, fish banding, and butterfly wings. Each organism has its own approach to this and so Philip goes through many potential routes. The implications of the principles he engages take him all the way to pondering how a fetus knows where to place its head and fingers (more on that in a post dedicated to ‘Diffusion Fields’). Very cool.

    An Offset Dislocation is like a tectonic fault line. A road is going along and then suddenly, after an earthquake, there is a split that cuts across the land and the road is now a shifted few feet to the side. In this concept, the entire field suddenly shift along a a specific (or sometimes gradual) fracture line.

    This artwork of mine is almost, but not quite this idea:

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  • Thu, 06 Dec 2018 19:31:00 +0000

    Ephemeral Art at X
    I recently had the honor and privilege of creating art for an amazing event at a Google campus.

  • Mon, 03 Dec 2018 22:59:00 +0000

    Patterns in Nature
    I’ve recently gotten back to the excellent book The Self-Made Tapestry by Philip Ball. I began this book at least 10 years ago. It’s a dense read- I need to have head-space available when I approach it (often difficult to come by as parent of a 4 year old!) and I generally need to set it aside for periods of time for integration. This book and other work by Philip about shape, form, and pattern have been highly influential in the evolution of my art.
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  • Wed, 28 Nov 2018 18:47:00 +0000

    Free Form Structure

    I created this piece, which I call ‘Fields III’ on a remote beach in Northern California on a gorgeous winter day while my wife and son worked on their own art and explored the cave seen in the photo. 

    This artwork is a culmination of two opposite directions in my work development- order and chaos.
  • Tue, 31 Jul 2018 23:01:00 +0000

    Impermence II

    Part II

    Nothing makes me as acutely aware of the changing of all things as experiencing my son age and develop. It’s such a cliché- parents of older children getting misty eyed as they speak about watching their kids grow up. It’s completely true. I reminisce about just a few months ago!

    I am grateful for my phone camera. I am soooo grateful for it. They got just good enough and accessible enough to me to have one available as my son was/is growing up. Cameras have been around for a while, yes, but having one right when the action is happening is key to capturing the nuance of my little being exploring the world and himself. I have gotten into the habit of
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  • Tue, 03 Jul 2018 19:52:00 +0000

    Impermanence Part I

    There are generally 2 aspects of the art that stand out in people’s initial impressions when they first see my art, whether in person or through a photo. Size is the first, about which there is plenty to discuss- ‘the nature of scale and how we relate to it’ being a particularly juicy topic. ‘How to accomplish large-scale’ is perhaps the common thread in all my work and the aspect of the art that keeps me coming back for more as new techniques and the possibilities those reveal continue to develop and evolve.
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  • Wed, 10 Aug 2016 01:40:00 +0000

    Mandala III- Earthscape Group Artwork
    Here is the result of a recent Playa Painting workshop done in Cape Cod.

  • Thu, 30 Jun 2016 19:11:00 +0000

    Tattoo'ing the Beach- a New Zealand journey photo essay
    In the far north of New Zealand I had my much desired opportunity to collaborate with a local traditional artist, an experience which became a defining moment on the journey and has fueled our desire to return to NZ in earnest.

    Read the rest of the post at Capturinng Impermanence
  • Sun, 29 May 2016 04:56:00 +0000

    Interview with

    1. What are the three words that can best describe your art?
    Ephemeral, Largescale, nature-based (that counts as one word, yeah? :-)
    2. What is your mission in art?
    My mission is to find satisfying outlets of creative expression for my inquisitive explorations into life and the experience of living it while 
    uplifting, inspiring, and opening the viewer.

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