An Altar is a physical representation of what matters to you. Altars are powerful opportunities to ceremonially approach your life and the world. They are a way to focus and channel intention and one's own wisdom.

The 'My Living Altar' program is a multi-session experience spread over time in which you will be guided in creating an altar that is personally significant to you. Each session we will gather to share what has been created and  receive a prompt for what to add next. These prompts will have you inquiring within, seeking your inner wisdom.

Past participants have used this program with the intention of gaining greater clarity in their purpose and direction, to connect more deeply to their creative practice, to explore who they are at this moment in their lives, to increase their engagement with the world. Where might you take what your Living Altar can offer?

Sessions are conducted online over Zoom. The groups are kept intimate at around 10 participants so that we can get to know each other and have space to fully share. The sharing is a fundamental aspect of the program, allowing us to witness and be witnessed, allowing us to give and receive compassion and support- both to each other and to ourselves.

This program is 6 sessions each a week apart.

Included in this program is a pre-program phone call with me to learn about how you can be best served, and then a post-program call to see how things went.

The value I place on this program  is $200.

I wish to keep my work accessible to all, regardless of financial means. Payment is via sliding scale with no one turned away. Pay what you are able- and if you have the means, pay above my amount to assist in others who might pay less. I thank you for your integrity in determining what works for you.

I look forward to creating something powerful with you!

This program occurs regularly, when I am able to gather the right number together. Hit the link so I know you are ready to be part of this. I'll keep in touch for when the next program will happen.

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